Industrial Filters

High Temperature Fiberglass Filter (click for details)

  1. Media is non-flammable suitable for applications up to 650°F.
  2. The media is deep pleated resulting in greater surface area which extends filter life and reduces maintenance costs.

Liquid Cooled Filter Housing Canister

  1. This is a proprietary design that is custom made for each application
  2. Allows equipment to operate at high effiency keeping exhaust gas temperatures below 650°F
  3. Utilizes existing onboard cooling system

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Dustless HEPA Filter

HEPA replacement filter for Dustless HEPA Vacuums

Model 16006 & 16008

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Air Filter for Limestone Blower used in Power Plants

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Air Intake Filter for Blue Bird buses

All sizes of buses and models can be made to fit your air intake filter on bus applications.

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Oil filter used in wash bays to capture oil and other greases

Currently used by the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington

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