Odor Removal Air Filters

Odor Removal Filters

Odor removal panel and box air filters contain activated charcoal that absorbs unpleasant odors and other gaseous contaminants in the air stream to improve indoor air quality. They are designed to be thrown out when they are spent.

These carbon air filters are commonly installed in HVAC systems in commercial buildings, data centers, food and beverage facilities, hospitality sites, museums, artifact storage facilities, schools, and universities. Sizes are available in all of our standard pleated sizes, V Bank Sizes, and Rigid Box Sizes.

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Standard Sizes

Available in Standard and High Capacity Options

1” sizes

  • 10x10x1 14x25x1 18x25x1
  • 10x20x1 14x30x1 18x30x1
  • 12x12x1 16x16x1 20x20x1
  • 12x20x1 16x20x1 20x24x1
  • 12x24x1 16x24x1 20x25x1
  • 12x30x1 16x25x1 20x30x1
  • 12x36x1 16x30x1 22x22x1
  • 14x14x1 18x18x1 24x24x1
  • 14x20x1 18x20x1 24x30x1
  • 14x24x1 18x24x1 25x25x1

2” sizes

  • 12x20x2 18x24x2
  • 12x24x2 18x25x2
  • 14x20x2 20x20x2
  • 14x25x2 20x24x2
  • 16x16x2 20x25x2
  • 16x20x2 20x30x2
  • 16x24x2 24x24x2
  • 16x25x2 24x30x2
  • 16x30x2 25x25x2
  • 18x28x2

4” sizes

  • 12x24x4
  • 16x20x4
  • 16x24x4
  • 16x25x4
  • 18x24x4
  • 20x20x4
  • 20x24x4
  • 20x25x4
  • 24x24x4
  • 28x30x4

5” sizes

  • 16x25x5
  • 20x25x5

All sizes are available. Just ask about our custom sizes.

V-Bank Odor Removal Filters

For more information and to order, contact us at 435-637-3567