Box Air Filters

Box Filters

Box air filters are used in HVAC systems to trap contaminants in the air stream. This boosts indoor air quality and prevents the contaminants from building up in the equipment and on surfaces, which can cause damage. These rigid filters have more capacity for capturing contaminants than panel filters and are best used as final filters. Box air filters include rigid cell air filters, cartridge air filters, mini-pleat air filters, V-bank air filters, odor removal box air filters, and HEPA air filters. They are commonly used in commercial buildings, data centers, food and beverage plants, healthcare settings, pharmaceutical facilities, and similar areas where clean air is required. FST Rigid Cell Filters are built with plastic separators and plastic or metal backing to hold the pleated media stable at any airflow for maximum media utilization. FST Rigid Cell is constructed with synthetic media and separators to resist microbial growth. FST Rigid Cells are offered in ASHRAE 52.2 ratings of 65%, 85%, and 95%.

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