Bag Filters

Bag Air Filters

FST Bag filters are available in four standard face dimensions and six standard pocket lengths up to 36” allowing maximum flexibility per system. They are available with Synthetic and Fiberglass media and in non-standard sizes.

Metal cover strips (optional) are affixed with non-flammable adhesive over each adjoining pocket, eliminating the possibility of dust bypass between pockets where staples or clinches are traditionally used. The cover strips also provide added structural integrity to prevent filter blowout. The U-channel header allows the pocket support channels to extend into the full 13/16” depth of the header to sandwich the media between the pocket support channels and the header. An adhesive is applied inside the header where the metals compress and hold the media. This ensures that pockets will stay firmly in place during installation and service.

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  • Filter Media: 100% polypropylene lofted microfiber/Fiberglass Available
  • Assembly Adhesive: Non-flammable adhesive applied to entire header & pocket channels
  • Support Header & Pocket Support Channels: Galvanized steel support elements staked, riveted and glued into one composite framework for leakproof pocket attachment.
  • Max. Temperature: 150°F, Peaks 200°F (65°C, Peaks 93°C)
  • Max. Humidity: Resistant to 100% R.H.
  • Flammability: UL 900, Class 2